Pet Treat Bakery

Pet Treat Bakery is owned by the Beaufort Association and operates as a Social Enterprise. The company’s objectives include producing and selling high-quality, natural pet treats, promoting environmental sustainability by sourcing from local farms, and providing paid employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Our People

The workforce at Pet Treat Bakery is comprised of individuals living with disabilities who bring a unique set of skills and motivation to the workplace. Their passion for pets and commitment to producing high-quality, nutritious treats is evident in the end result of their hard work.

Our Products

At Pet Treat Bakery, we prioritize the use of premium ingredients for our dehydrated products. Our chicken comes from Fraser Valley and is sourced from grain-fed, free-run chickens. The pork liver and ears are sourced from Tannadice Farms in the Comox Valley, known for their high-health pigs. Our beef and bison products are sourced from local farms on Vancouver Island, and if not available, sourced from reputable suppliers throughout British Columbia. We strive to support local raw product producers and continually evaluate our suppliers to ensure top-quality meats are used in all our products.

Pet Treat Bakery Board of Directors