Pet Treat Bakery

Pet Treat Bakery is a Social Enterprise owned by the Beaufort Association. Their primary objective is to produce and sell high-quality, natural pet treats, while also promoting environmental sustainability through the sourcing of ingredients from local farms. Additionally, the bakery provides paid employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, helping to support their independence and personal growth. By purchasing from Pet Treat Bakery, customers not only get to spoil their pets with delicious treats but also support a meaningful cause in their community.

Our People

At Pet Treat Bakery, the workforce is made up of individuals living with disabilities who are highly dedicated and skilled in their work. Their love for animals and commitment to producing healthy and delicious treats is reflected in the final products that they create. With a strong sense of motivation, these individuals bring a unique perspective to the workplace, and their contributions are integral to the success of the company.

Our Products

Pet Treat Bakery takes great care in sourcing high-quality, natural ingredients for our dehydrated pet treats. Our chicken is sourced from Fraser Valley, where free-run chickens are raised on a diet of premium grains. We also source pork liver and ears from Tannadice Farms in the Comox Valley, known for their high-health pigs. Our beef and bison products come from local farms on Vancouver Island and, when necessary, reputable suppliers throughout British Columbia. We are committed to supporting local raw product producers and continually evaluating our suppliers to ensure that we use only the best-quality meats in all our products.

Pet Treat Bakery Board of Directors